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"An Inspired Voice for Conservation"
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What We Do


Bear Trust creates and distributes free conservation lesson plans for public schools in North America. Our Student Scientist Series teaches habitat recovery, wildlife management, and conservation theory for grades K-12. It encourages students to deepen their understanding of human-animal coexistence and appreciate environmental sustainability.

Conservation Policy

Bear Trust is working with elected officials and government agencies to promote innovative, cost-effective bear conservation policies that are based on sound science and that benefit both public and private lands and a diversity of stakeholders.


Bear Trust supports research to help inform sound management decisions and address ecological imperatives. We promote management that is sustainable, balancing natural systems with the needs of human societies. Results from our research are also translated into data-rich education programs for public schools.

Habitat Conservation

Habitat protection is Bear Trust's foremost value when it comes to formulating on-the-ground conservation efforts. We seek to protect the wild world among human-affected ecosystems, and preserve a future for all bears' natural way of life.

Why Protect Bears? 

Bears have captivated and moved human beings for as long as we’ve lived alongside each other. Where our species meet, we constantly adapt and re-adapt to our encounters. We can witness bears, love them, hunt them and study them. Bears always seem to be aware of us.

In an age where habitat encroachment threatens bears’ wild lives, though, we must work together to envision and create a healthier coexistence. 

In pursuing greater coexistence, we value education, natural engagement and deeper understanding. We rely on sound scientific data and cultivated ecological knowledge to help us make decisions, and we welcome input from all local and involved communities. 

With these values in mind, it is our hope that people will always be able to encounter bears in the wilderness and realize that they are not looking into another world, but that we are sharing one.

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