The natural environment affects and involves all people. It is up to each and every one of us to engage in the ongoing relationship our society has with the vast and complex nonhuman world. In the foreseeable future, nonprofits and conservation organisations will be growing in influence across the our world. It's a perfect time to get involved, invest, and spend time educating ourselves and our future generations on what we would like to see bettered in our global ecosystem. Bear Trust, among so many diverse initiatives, uniquely prioritizes a fully co-existent future with wild bears that's grounded in innovations to education today. If you believe in our vision and the way we go about realizing it, join us on that adventure towards a healthier concurrence between bear species and humans.

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The social and environmental challenges that Bear Trust tackles are surely daunting. Our board and staff are comprised of those that find invigoration in working on these endeavors together. Being a part of the Bear Trust conservation community is a fulfilling contributive experience that's open to all who take an interest in the future of the wilderness.



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Bringing our values to realization always relies on the generous assistance of our donors. Corporations, partner organizations and  philanthropists of all levels of investment help us to keep bears living wildly and in harmony with their environments. Now, as Bear Trust rapidly expands, we're looking for more long-term investors in our mission, offering a number of programs to those interested.


Uniquely amongst non-profits, Bear Trust puts a special priority on bringing together the messages and inspirations of writers, artists and photographers. The Art for Conservation program directs funds from purchased artwork to our cause.

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Our range of Bear Trust-endorsed outdoor gear and artwork spreads the message of the conservation cause while raising money directly for our programs. Explore our shop at the link below!


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Right now, Bear Trust has volunteer internship opportunities available to motivated graduate and undergraduate students. If your university advisor approves, we can also provide course credit for successful completion of an internship.   

Interested?  Please submit a cover letter and resume/CV to Logan Young:

Current Internship Opportunities

1.  Writer to help with quarterly e-newsletters

Bear Trust is seeking an intern who loves to write about current events related to the eight bear species worldwide.  What’s happening with sun bear conservation and the palm oil industry?  What are the habitat protection needs for sloth bears in India?  We need a motivated student with great writing skills to help us report these current events and stories to help keep our membership informed.  

2.  Outreach

Bear Trust is seeking interns who want to help us spread the word about our free STEM education lessons.  We have several data-rich lesson plans ready for distribution.  Now, we need help connecting with teachers via email and social media to let them know that these resources are available to them!  Want to present at a Teacher Conference?  We can arrange that, too!


Students do not need to reside in Montana to participate in this program. Please contact Logan at Bear Trust to learn more:

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art for conservation


We have lots of ideas and suggestions to help you fundraise for Bear Trust. We're always available to help with the set-up of any initiatives. Fundraising in the non-profit sector can be a very educating experience, particularly for those seeking future careers in conservation. Whether fundraising through an adventurous challenge, planning membership events, or in public outreach in your local community, Bear Trust welcomes any involvement and will offer close and generous support.

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Bear Trust is committed to expanding accurate, scientific research on the wild environment, and often helps support bear-related academic scholarship. If your research contributes to seeking a better coexistence, we are potentially interested in lending our own support! 

We can also republish news stories relevant to our work in regular newsletters and through our Facebook network of over 18,000 followers!

As well, we're currently preparing the production of an annual journal! Content will range from photo features on bear habitats to bear-inspired artworks and poetry. Policy debates will be presented through interviews with prolific conservationists, and opinion pieces can introduce the specific values of BTI (education, economic sustainability, human responsibility, hunting). Educators using our lesson plans can add to the discussion from a youth-interactive perspective. To get involves early on, contact Bear Trust's Editor at


For social media engagement, contact our Social Media Director via

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Visit our Publications page through the link above to learn more about our artwork on the human-bear relationship and to submit original pieces for the upcoming print journal A Bear.



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Bear Trust's initiatives range from high-profile research projects to in-house lesson plan production. Because we're involved in conservation efforts from the local scale to the international, you can be sure that even the smallest donation will directly further some of our goals! Higher-level donation involvement, particularly through our Spirit Bear Society, invigorates bear protection and coexistence projects of grander ambitions. If you'd like your donation to support a particular habitat or initiative, be in touch with our Executive Director at, or use the link below to contribute to all work under the Bear Trust umbrella.


stocks, bonds and endowments

Stocks and bonds can be donated to Bear Trust International as a way to help ensure the future of wild bears. 

Alternatively, donors can place their interests in an Endowment fund to generate income for Bear Trust without risk to capital. 

Bear Trust has established an Educational Endowment Fund to help sustain the organization’s educational lesson plans in perpetuity. We are seeking philanthropic individuals who share our desire for conservation and who want to educate the future leaders of our world--our kids!!

To learn more, please contact our Executive Director, Logan Young:


Corporate Partnership

Partnerships between the private sector and NGOs can transform your business and have a positive, social impact. Together, we can generate breakthrough solutions to drive economic development and sustainable impact for the world’s endangered bear species and their natural habitats. 


At Bear Trust, we  work with you to create a shared-value partnership, compelling marketing initiatives and engage employees. Our partners benefit from improved brand lift, increased sales, inspired employees, a boost in customer loyalty and access to key global market knowledge and expertise.

We also offer philanthropic and ecological education schemes for employees which can help your company improve its ethical agenda. 

our partners 

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Planned Giving

If you are interested in making a long-lasting imprint on wildlife conservation, please consider including Bear Trust International in your estate plans.  Your lasting legacy will be used to help conserve wild bears, other wildlife, and habitat.  Contributions can be donor directed towards any of our conservation programs, and we are happy to work with you to develop new legacy conservation programs.

We have many options for planned giving.  Please contact Logan Young for more information on how to meet your philanthropic goals.


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Join Bear Trust today as an annual, lifetime, or Spirit Bear Society member! You can visit our store page to purchase memberships, receiving our updates and free gifts, all for the cause of conservation.