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We have lots of ideas and suggestions to help you fundraise for Bear Trust. We're always available to help with the set-up of any initiatives. Fundraising in the non-profit sector can be a very educating experience, particularly for those seeking future careers in conservation. Whether fundraising through an adventurous challenge, planning membership events, or in public outreach in your local community, Bear Trust welcomes any involvement and will offer close and generous support.

I want to fundraise for Bear Trust 


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Bear Trust's initiatives range from high-profile research projects to in-house lesson plan production. Because we're involved in conservation efforts from the local scale to the international, you can be sure that even the smallest donation will directly further some of our goals! Higher-level donation involvement, particularly through our Spirit Bear Society, invigorates bear protection and coexistence projects of grander ambitions. If you'd like your donation to support a particular habitat or initiative, be in touch with our Executive Director at, or use the link below to contribute to all work under the Bear Trust umbrella.


stocks, bonds and endowments

Stocks and bonds can be donated to Bear Trust International as a way to help ensure the future of wild bears. 

Alternatively, donors can place their interests in an Endowment fund to generate income for Bear Trust without risk to capital. 

Bear Trust has established an Educational Endowment Fund to help sustain the organization’s educational lesson plans in perpetuity. We are seeking philanthropic individuals who share our desire for conservation and who want to educate the future leaders of our world--our kids!!

To learn more, please contact our Executive Director, Logan Young:

Stocks and bonds

Become a member

Join Bear Trust today as an annual, lifetime, or Spirit Bear Society member! You can visit our store page to purchase memberships, receiving our updates and free gifts, all for the cause of conservation.

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