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Our Vision

Bear Trust International envisions a world where bears prosper in their natural habitat while co-existing with sustainable economies.

Our Mission

Bear Trust International works to conserve all eight species of the world’s bears, other wildlife, and habitat.  We believe that wild bears in their natural habitat are key indicators of ecosystem health.  Their ability to sustain themselves is, therefore, critical to wildlife.  Bear Trust strives to reinforce ecosystem viability through habitat conservation and education projects that build on timely research.

Our Values

Bear Trust has an effective, common-sense conservation policy based on four basic values:

  1. Conservation should be based on sound science and make economic sense; the result of conservation action should help ensure the long-term sustainability of bear populations and economies.

  2. Conservation should care for both public and private lands.

  3. Nations, communities and people have a shared responsibility to conserve bear populations and their habitats for present and future generations.

  4. Hunting is part of the world's natural heritage and should be used as one of many tools for effective wildlife management.


Bear Trust unites people of a passion—for bears, for wilderness, and for the protection of our natural world. We are comprised not merely of our founder and board, but of all of our co-contributors in the mission to conserve bear species. With this specific focus and vision we include our research partners around the globe; we include the student scientists we support and educate; we include our impassioned hunters and artist members in the field. We include all of those who give their time and resources alongside us to the future of the wild bear.

If you are interested in joining us, reach out to our board. We are always looking for contributors, collaborators, interns, and the voices and feedback of conservationists of all walks of life

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