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Grizzly Bears: Ready for Delisting? 

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You can download these documents and print them out for support during class.

To request the passwords to answer keys, as a teacher, email

Teacher Guide 

Complete Guide to help the teacher work through the course material and use available resources efficiently 

Slide Show 

The Slide show is Password Protected as it containes the answers to Student Activities. It is here to help the class during exercises.

Answer Key

All graphs and cells values in a data set. This is also password protected.

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Lesson Overview

You can view, download and Print these documents to distribute to your students 

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Part 1 

Introductory Video

Introductory Video for students to watch at home or in class, to spark interest on the Grizzly Bear.

Part 2 

Individual Activity

Individual Activity to give each student equal opportunity to work through all the real world datasets. This can also be done at home and the students can prepare questions  for class

Part 3

Group Activity 8

Create three Grizzly bear science teams aiming at reproduce how science team in real-time wildlife managements operate to resolve problems and answer questions. 

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