Wood Bison


Bear Trust focuses much attention on helping conserve all 8 species of bears worldwide through science and education. However, all of us at Bear Trust are very interested in helping to conserve other wildlife species, too.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center asked Bear Trust to develop curriculum about wood bison, using some of the same techniques we use to develop curriculum about bears.

So we did! Bear Trust teamed up with Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Safari Club International, and Inspired Classroom to develop this curriculum, which is ready now for download. If you're a teacher wishing to access answer keys, please contact info@beartrust.org with your school email address to receive the passwords. 


There are 3 lessons on the wood bison. Here is a guide to work through and with them 

Teacher Guide 

Complete Guide to help the teacher work through the course material and use available resources efficiently 

Intro Video

Wood Bison Curriculum Introduction

Lesson 1 Where Will the Wood Bison Roam?

Teacher Guide and Student Pages 

Lesson 2: Wood Bison Behavior Lesson

Lesson 3: Tracks and Trails 

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